Jeff Lyon
Fillet Brazed : $2500
(filed to perfection)
Lugged : $2400
Jeff Lyon Fork : $450
Includes single-color
wet paint by
What’s the difference between a L’avecaise and a Jeff Lyon?

Jeff Lyon frames feature:

thinner lugs;
reshaped crowns and dropouts;
greater attention to aesthetic detail.
L’avecaise frames are available sooner.
Fillet Brazed, Unfiled : $1095
Fillet Brazed, Filed : $1400
Lugged : $1400
L'avecaise Fork : $285

Randonneur / Touring
Frame + Fork :  From $1600
Braze-on Extras:

 Cantilever Bosses & adjustable rear brake cable stop    $100

 Brazed-on center pull Mafac & adjustable cable stop    $200

 Front tubular racks    from $250


L'avecaise come standard with powdercoat finish with clear over decals.
Show quality paint by
starting at $200 extra