Bicycle Quarterly Summer 2012 (Vol. 10, No. 4)

L'Avecaise 650B Race Bike Test excerpts:

"Imagine getting a new racing bike, and overnight, the roads in your region
are repaved, all railroad crossings disappear, and you have a gentle tailwind
on all your rides. That was my impression of Jeff Lyon's L'Avecaise!"
"Jeff's mastery of his craft, and his 38 years of experience, show."
"For me, the L'Avecaise performed better than any of the racing bikesI owned in the 1980s"

Rapha Continental interview with Jeff, available here!

Road Bike Review video interview with Jeff at the

San Diego Custom Bicycle Show, available here!
Bicycle Quarterly Winter 2008 (Vol. 7, No. 2)
Lyonsport Randonneur Bike Test excerpts:
"Jeff Lyon offers a well-madecarefully designed, custom frame/fork/rack combination..."
"...classic outline..."  "never bogging down or making my legs hurt."
"The Lyon was easy to ride no-hands, even at low speeds and around tight corners."
"Perfect clearances between tire and fender/chainstay, as well as crank and chainstay..."
"The elegant front rack is well-built..."
"...(A) well-built frame that offers excellent performance...I am tempted to order [one]..."